“I had the pleasure of working with Marina when she was studying for her PHR designation and I was a study group facilitator. Her enthusiasm, commitment and drive made her stand out in a crowd, she was a driving positive force in a group of about 20 students. She made such a good impression that when I chose to leave COPIA a year or two later, Marina was the person I introduced to my supervisor as "the only candidate worth considering" to replace me. Over the following year we worked together on a few "carry-over" items from my tenure and she continued to impress me with her forthright communication style, creative approach to problem solving, and her commitment to her own personal integrity. She is both knowledgable and passionate about her work and her life!”
Wendy Bruce, SPHR-CA, Human Resources Director, Domaine Carneros

“Marina is easily one of the most knowledgeable, competent and caring HR directors with whom I have had the privilege to work. She is a hard worker and she knows her profession. Additionally, she is a tremendous asset as a member of a senior management team, dealing with larger company-wide strategic issues.”
Arthur Jacobus, President, COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts

Marina is extremely conscientious and detail-oriented. She is a people-person and caring about the people she supports in her HR role. She's knowledgeable and current on all aspects of human resources and labor laws and regulations as well as safety/OSHA requirements. She's a dedicated and hard worker, putting in whatever time is necessary to do the best possible job. She is an asset to any company with which she has been affiliated.”
Liz Smith, Director, Sales Administrator, HR Administrator, Safety Program Administrator, Bouchaine Vineyards

“Marina is an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on board! She is a consummate professional....working in the best interest of the employees and the employer at all times. Her excellent relationship skills extend outside of the employer to any vendors and/or business contacts; ultimatley reflecting brilliantly on the employer. She is responsive, organized, communicative and optimistic. Truly (as mentioned above) an asset for any company.”
Jacci Cammaroto, Senior Sales Executive, Great West Healthcare

“Marina was the person to go to on Human Resources and Safety issues during my time at Chalone Wine Group. This included a difficult period when CWG was purchased by Diageo and she handled the delicate task of working with Diageo’s team at the same time as helping CWG employees as the company’s administrative, sales and marketing side was dismantled. I’d highly recommend Marina for her knowledge and skill at working with a wide variety of people and positions.”
Ken Morris, Director of Communications, Chalone Wine Group

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